Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Part 4 of 4....His 12 month stats!

I am ONE-derful!
12 months old!

Food - Griffin is a grazer...He loves to eat cheese, puffs, cereal bars, fruit strips, bananas, and veggie straws.  Meals are an issue though...getting him to sit and actually eat food, he isn't really up for.

Sleep - He has decided 10:00 is his nap time!!  That is right we have a nap time!!  Thank the Lord!!  He sleeps any where from 1 - 3 hours!  It is crazy!  At night he goes to bed around 6- 6:15 and sleeps all night until 6.  If he goes to bed later he wakes up all night.  So 6 - 6:15 is his perfect time.  Yes it may be early but it works for him.

Physical -  He is exhausting!  Griffin started walking shortly after 9 months old so now being 12 months old he has pretty much mastered that is now onto RUNNING everywhere.  He is almost never still.  Our lil G is an awesome dancer!  HE enjoys shakin it a lot...He takes after his mommy with the bootie shake.  He loves clapping and patting too.

Language - Man oh man this little dude is a talker!  He is a loud talker too.  The words that are super clear are: Duck, Quack Quack, dog, momma, dada, hi, book.  He has his own language though and I believe I am almost a master at understanding...In this language he says
"Ahh - Cheese"
"Cu - Cup"
"Duh - Down/Done"
"Ah AH - More"
"Gr daddadadada - Granddaddy"

Temperament -  Well lets just say Griffin has found his temper and he enjoys showing it off.  He knows what he wants and he would like everyone else to know it to.  The times that it is bad is when he is outside and he is brought in.  WOW That is a dramatic time.  Head thrown back, arms fly in the air, he cries so hard it's silent...its awesome!  HE also stomps his feet. - (He does this when he is extra excited too)

Likes-Being outside, water, feeding himself, taking shoes off, being naked, pushing the wagon, pushing anything and everything, cheese, balls, pillows, dogs, books, the drop and mommy pick up 500,000 times game, music and dancing, clapping, patting, yelling (happily) and his weiner...yes he is a little man

Dislikes - Naps, Sitting still, washing his hands and face, diaper change, Fur real animals (not sure why) grass, getting dressed and coming inside from playing outside

He loves kicking the ball with daddy

In turning 12 months old...ya always have to do the Dr. appointment

On our way
Big boy facing forward!
 Hanging out before, poor kid had no idea what was coming

 Official Measurements

Weight - 22.5
Height - 29.5

Griffin is in the 50th% on everything...Dr says he is proportioned just right!  Brag moment - His Dr. named all the things he should be doing by 15 months old and Griffin is already doing them all!  walking, saying at least 3 words, and all the other stuff (clapping, waving etc )  He is such a smart little man. (sorry momma had to brag)

Waiting for the shots...he is trying to escape

4 shots and 1 lollipop later...poor kid
 A couple hours later he was feeling good

I can't believe he is 12 months old...Happy Birthday my baby boy... We love you to the moon and back