Saturday, April 13, 2013

Part 3 ... Photo shoot at Reid Park

We had to do a photo shoot with Meridy (Simply Snapshots) for his 1 year birthday...
Getting Griffin to stand still is IMPOSSIBLE...Meridy and my mom can vouch for this.  He loves water too, so EVERY TIME I put him down he took off to the little pond or ran down the hill.  I was all over the place trying to get this kid to stay still.  Thank goodness Meridy is awesome and managed to get some shots!

I kept trying to sit him down so at least she could get one of him not moving but he kept getting up so we tried a couple with me holding him.

 This was the funniest part...I would set him down run back behind Meridy by my mom then jump up and down to get a smile, he would get up and run so I would run after him, sit him down and do it all over and over and over again.   There was no need for a work out this day...Griffin took care of that!

 Then it was smash cake time...Griffin still has an issue with touching grass and thinks messy stuff is yucky so I figured this would be interesting....
 What kid runs away from a cake?
 So I plopped him down behind it

 Can you tell by his face he is NOT feeling this
 The worried brows
 There we go!
 Eww Mom!
 pick me up...I'm done

It was a fantastically tiring 30 minutes but well worth it!  Thank you Meridy for capturing such great shots! 

There is going to be  Part 4, the last part in this "Griffin is 12 months old" posts....tomorrow hopefully!