Thursday, November 7, 2013

ABC's ... Griffin style...

I thought it might be fun to share all the words Griffin says these days.... Of course they are so much cuter when actually heard but I have to say I am impressed with how much this kid talks!

A- Aunt Cole
B- Bootie, ball, bye bye, baby
C- caca, cool, cow, cup, cold, cheese
D- dada, doggie, duck
E- Ernie, eyes
F- Fish, Fooooootball
G- Grandddaadada, (Granddaddy), GOOOOOOOOOOOO
H- Hot, Hi, Heavy, Honey, Hand, Hot dog
I- In
J- Juice
K- Kay
L- Laney (Delaney)
M- Mommy, Milo, Me, Mooo, More, Mellow (marshmellow)
N- Nana, No, Nigh Nigh
O- On
P- Poopoo, po po, pumpkin
Q- Quack Quack
R- Rooooar
S- Stace, Stinky
T- Trees, touchdown
U- Ummm Ummm (what he says when he wants what you have)
V- no v's yet
W- Waa waa, wooof woof, weiner, Wow
X- lets be honest...this is a tough one
Z- Nothin yet

Our big boy is a big talker these days