Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post #14

Little man enjoying his Hi-C juice box at lunch

 Such concentration!

 Now mad cause I wouldn't stop taking pictures
 Before the little guy went to bed I wanted to take some pictures...but HE thought it would be funnier to run back and forth in the hallway and laugh as I tried "to catch a cheese face"
 If you look close you can see his HUGE grin

 Finally got him! (and Milo)

 and he is off again...
 he opened the closet, pulled all the sheets down and then pretended to "nigh nigh"

Trying to get naki ... guess it is ...


 the sign for more .... more bubbles 
 He got more bubbles

 This is him telling me ... "Teesss" Meaning I wanna brush my teeth ... 

 REALLY wanting his toothbrush
 Future bartender??