Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beautiful Mess

Post #30!!  Can you believe it??  Whew!  I made it 30 days with 30 posts!  I know some were not exhilarating but it was a big personal goal of mine to finish this month...and I did!

Man o man, this month was one heck of a month....It consisted of...

  • a two week fever for Griffin
  • a HORRIBLE ear infection which was the cause of the fever
  • 4 different MOPS events
  • No extra days off for Joe
  • a very sad Bronco loss to the stinky Patriots
  • a VERY AWESOME Bronco win over the Chiefs!
  • saw The Hunger Games Games Catching Fire!!!
  • had my first wine and wig party
  • every week filled with watching extra (sweet) kiddos
  • I realized what amazing friends I have made over the past year because of my MOPS group
  • A fun trip up to Mount. Lemmon
  • LOTS of gym time working out stress
  • Lots of sore muscles due to an awesome trainer
  • a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner with my family ... but we did miss everyone not here! a lot!
  • an awesome Bible study with women who make my heart happy
  • 11 cars sold by Joe this month as of today!!!! - He worked his bootie off!
  • and most importantly my relationship with God has grown

to sum up this month ... it was .....