Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The mysterious 2 week fever

Our poor G man has had a fever, off and on, for the past 2 weeks!  The highest it got was 103!  Every time I would get ready to call the Dr. the fever would go away....and then come back...

So finally this morning enough was enough.  I called his pediatrician and told them what was going on and they wanted to see him.  So Joe and I loaded him into the car and went to the Dr office.

He was such a good little man sitting there the entire time the Dr. examined him...just chilled on mommy's lap while holding daddy's hand.


Griffin has his FIRST ever ear infection!  Poor little guy has been in pain for two weeks with this thing...makes my heart so sad!  But thankfully within the next 48 hours he should start feeling much better!

So with all that being said, do you think he was up for pictures???  Yeea not so much ....