Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 months old---already???

I can't even begin to wonder where the time has gone!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was watching my mom and dad putting together Griffin's crib.  He is growing so fast and changing by the minute!  He is no longer my newborn baby... He has a BIG personality and is the most flirty baby I have ever seen!  Joe and I could not be more blessed ... He is the most amazing little guy!

Here are some pictures from our weekend....

Tummy time with Ernie and Milo
 Cute boy in the mirror
Mommy, give me the camera!

Nice stroll to the park in our neighborhood

 My boys
 Happy doggies
 Play time


Handsome man

 This was right before Griffin pulled poor Milo's beard hair--Milo was a good boy, he just cried and waited for us to get Griffin to let go

 Making his favorite noise

Chillin with mommy--Tired eyes

 Mid turn

Seeing Daddy at work

Griffin is 4 months old!  
(I couldn't pick a favorite in the onesie so here is a few.)

Turning 4 months old means another Dr appointment with shots... No fun!

Lil' G and Mommy before the Dr

Very Happy Boy at the Dr office...He didn't know what was happening

In the office now....Here we go

Getting weighed and measured!--(lil G's lil willie covered :))

Still waiting on the Dr.

Here we go... time to see Dr and get the nasty shots! (-not pictured)

Shots are done...cuddle time with daddy

And of course we couldn't get through a Dr appointment without hearing something about our "white boy"--"He's got some nice moves for a white boy"--was our Dr.'s quote today!

Final Measurements 
Weight: 15 lbs
Height: 24 1/2 inches
Head: 41 1/2 centimeters

Our little boy not so little anymore.

poor baby is so tired...It is exhausting being 4 months old and this cute!