Monday, July 2, 2012

Losing the swaddle-- day 1

After Griffin was born for the first month Joe and I slept on the couch...I was in too much pain to get in and out of bed because of the C-section, and Joe stayed with me on the couch...he is amazing!  We would go back and forth holding G and sleeping with him on our chests (BAD HABBIT--WE KNOW)  SO after I could finally move without wincing in pain, Joe and I went back to our bed and the only way we could get G to sleep was to swaddle him....tight!  We had gotten a miracle blanket from a parent from the school I worked at and we put it to use!!

G slept at night and took his long afternoon naps wrapped up so tight.  If I wanted him to sleep longer than 20 min, he better be swaddled!  My sister came over one night to watch a Shaklee webinar with me (Hit this link to Check out these awesome products!) and saw Griffin wrapped up and about died..."I'm getting closter phobic just looking at him" was what came out of her mouth...but it worked for Griffin--it was the only way he slept..he startles himself awake otherwise.

This is his nap swaddle

 Night time swaddle

Griffin can now roll over so we can't have his arms tucked away anymore!  He is almost at the max weight for the blanket as well...He only has about .5 lbs to go.

So last night was night 1 with NO SWADDLE!  Joe gave him his bottle and he was asleep and in bed by 7:00pm  We had a 4 hour stretch!  I couldn't believe it!  Then after that it was about every hour to hour and a half he was waking himself up.  It could have been worse! 

This morning we got a 2 hour nap with no swaddle!  Awesome!!!  Well....then the afternoon hit, he normally gives me a 2 - 3 hour solid nap....NOPE!  He would fall asleep then the second I put him down his arms would flail and his eyes would open wide!!  This happened at least 10 times...he FINALLY gave up after a LONG FIGHT!  Still wasn't a nice long nap but it was about a full hour!  No it wasn't in his crib, but at least he is asleep!

We will keep you all updated on "losing the swaddle" for now we will leave you with a happy boy looking in the mirror!