Monday, July 16, 2012

Super fun week

We did a lot of fun stuff this past week!  Here are some pictures of it all!

First we went to the new restaurant Hotrods with The Mikkelsons!

Delaney was a big help with the stroller!

Next Griffin had a play date with two gorgeous girls, Morgan and Brielle while I got to catch up with Jackie!

Griffin and Brielle--We were at Jackie's house which explains the pink chair :)
 The 3 little ones... Griffin 3 1/2 months, Brielle almost 8 months, Morgan 3 1/2 years old
G trying to touch Brielle, which she was NOT having!

 G is VERY focused on how to get the chair in his mouth--Look at those sweet girls!
AND time to arch out...over it!

We went for a walk over to see Delaney and Brody

We did tummy time, played in the jumper and just hung out!

Then we had a real big outing!  Delaney and Brody had church camp every morning all week and they prepared an awesome performance!  So Nana and Granddaddy came and picked up G and I and we met the Mikkelson's at church to watch the little stars in action!  First we all sat around and ate hot dogs, Griffin wanted to look around so Delaney helped me out with walking him.

Her face lit up when I told her to push and I would just watch

Then we went into the church (same church where Joe and I got married) and got our seats for the show!

The kids with their Granddaddy--My daddy!
 Uncle Eric, Cousin Kailey, Cousin Brody and Griffin
 Cousin Delaney and Cousin Brody before the show
 My love and me

Then it was time for the performance!
Brody got on stage with no problem but then quickly realized he was on stage in front of a lot of people, but he didn't cry...just kinda hung out and didn't move, he was so cute!
 Delaney on the other hand was all about it!
I was a little worried if Griffin would sit and watch, but he did the entire time!  He was in a trance!

Then the kids came back to the seats and Delaney helped Griffin in a song

 By this point you can see in Griffin's eyes that he is exhausted!  But he was still happy to be socializing with everyone!
Granddaddy and G
 Nana and G

I love his bib!  Thanks Aunt Nicole!

It was such a fun night! 
Here is more pictures from the week.

This cracks me up, he is teething so always drooling!

 Kisses from daddy

 My good looking men!  Griffin looks so much like his daddy!
 Just the 3 of us

Our happy boy