Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zoo Fun!

By the end of the week, Griffin and I had a bit of cabin fever so when Aunt Nicole called and said her and the kids were going to the zoo we were all for it!  So Nicole picked G and I up in the super sweet mini van and off to the zoo we went!

Kids ready for the zoo!  Especially Brod Man

We saw lots of fun animals! Griffin really enjoyed cruising around!  We have a super neat fan for his stroller to keep him cool!

The giraffe was right in front of us...Griffin totally noticed it!

Big eyes when he saw it!

Big Rhino chillin out

The kids playing with the elephant butt

Delaney and Brody being real brave and touching the snake!

Lookin for the monkeys

While I was prego I craved Dip n' Dots like crazy!!  The super sad part is I NEVER once had them!  So when Nicole asked the kids if they wanted them, I do believe I was more excited than they were!


My boy and me!

Delaney and Brody enjoying their ice cream as well

It was a great day at the zoo with my sis and the kiddos!