Thursday, July 5, 2012

My first 4th!

It was Griffin's first 4th of July! --
**Warning: A ridiculous amount of pictures!**

Outfit #1

Now time to Go to Nana and Granddaddy's house!
Outfit #2
Thanks Mimi and Pepaw for the cute outfit! 

 The sweet fruit flag that Nicole made
 I love this face!

 Delaney REALLY likes taking pictures, so her and Nana were taking pictures of each other taking pictures

 The cutest lil girl with the biggest personality!

Griffin's footprints from mothers day...look how they have grown! 
 Nana and G
 Joe got off work early so he got to come hang out!  Coloring with Delaney and Brody
 Delaney loves talking to her "Baby cousin Griffin"
 Again chewing on his hands
 Mommy, Daddy and G Man
Granddaddy making G Laugh

My favorite Guys
 Granddaddy and Griffin hangin out

 Brody Man loves his golf set!

Delaney and Uncle Joe
 Saying Bye to Granddaddy after a fun evening!
Home and chillin
 Good Night 4th of July!