Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What will he be....

Even before Griffin was here, we would dream about what he will be when he grows up....the usual--teacher, Dr., police officer, fireman don't come up, with Joe and I its which sport will he play.  In high school I cheered and Joe played football so...I say football cause I enjoy watching that one the most!  Joe says if he plays football he is going to be the kicker...get paid a lot and don't get hurt!  My dad thinks it's funny to say he will be in the marching band (uh no)...My mom says it's cute that we think we get to choose...

So they other day we are cruising through petco and Griffin grabs his toes while sitting in his car seat,

our convo goes like this...

Me: "Look at him!!  He is practicing grabbing his toes, he is gonna be a male cheerleader!"
Joe: "I don't think so!"
Me: "All the smart guys do it...then they get to have their hands on girls butts all day while lifting them!"
Joe: "If he plays football and is good at it...He will have his hands on girls butts all day anyways!"

Parents of the year!